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Our Roasters – Insight Coffee Roasters

If you don’t already know we are what some call a “multi-roaster cafe”. That simply means that we scour the country to find the best coffee roasters and then bring them to Sacramento to be served at our cafe. We believe that there is no “holy grail” of coffee or coffee roasters, but rather each roaster offers different, equally amazing, coffees, roasted in their own unique styles, letting us provide you and Sacramento with a wide selection of amazing coffees to enjoy. We carry 4 different coffee roasters at any given time and once every month we drop one off and bring a new one on, giving you something new to experience every month. We are extremely proud to be bringing Sacramento the best coffees from around the country and the globe. Here is a little highlight from one of our coffee roasters.

Insight Coffee Roasters & Broadacre Coffee


Located: Sacramento, CA
Current Coffees: Brazil, Royal Select Swiss Water Decaf
About: Not to often do you see passion, hard work, dedication, and raw talent come to fruition so beautifully. Lucky and Ben are long time Sacramento coffee friends of ours and we have seen them grow from baristas to managers, roasters, and now business owners. We are proud to know these two guys and to be able to serve there coffee at Broadacre. They bring some low down, genuine, hospitality and craft to Sacramento that is a breath of fresh air to any coffee drinker. These are two of the realest and nicest guys we know and we love supporting them.

Here is a little bit about them from their web site:

 Insight Coffee Roasters was created to share their coffee-obsessed passion and knowledge with coffee lovers everywhere.  After many years of experience in the coffee industry, Lucky Rodrigues and Benza Lance wanted to create a unique coffee culture centered around their coffee-maven mindset and ethical core values.  In 2011, they partnered with some entrepreneurial coffee enthusiasts who shared their desire to provide a better coffee experience for the community.

We are thrilled to share our passion and knowledge with anyone who is interested in the beautiful complexity of the coffee craft.  From us, to you, an INSIGHT into the world of coffee.

If you are not currently getting your coffee from us, we sure hope your getting it from these guys. If you find us drinking coffee at another cafe in Sacramento, it’s probably here. Community is something Broadacre and Insight share similar views on, so support your local Sacramento coffee community.

-the broadacre boys

Broadacre Coffee
1014 10th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Daily: 6AM – 11PM

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